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WELCOME to original-french website. France and design: a long-standing love story! Art, elegance and creativity! These three words describe both the image that people have of France as well as the world of design! From original French clothing fashions to everyday top-of-the-range or mass-market objects, today design seems to be a “trendy” factor that is more and more present when we buy things and is now accessible to everyone! Our website will help you find original French manufacturers and French Brands across the France, their links and their direct e-shops. Thank you for supporting MADE IN FRANCE.

French cosmetics

Many French cosmetics companies manufacture their products on home soil. Since 2013 in the European Union, there has been a total ban in place on using animals to test cosmetics, toiletry products and ingredients. That's way, buying French-made products should keep your conscience clear. This is a list of French beauty products companies manufacturing online connection to their e-shops.

French fashion

From the early 17th century to the present, France has developed a fashion culture of its own. We can talk all day about how much we adore French brands, from the French styling tricks owned by the country's sunny girls to the stars and street style gurus you should look to for excellent Parisian style. But what about the best French fashion brands that enable all the above? There are loads of them. This is online connection to their e-shops.

French shoes

In France, shoes are a very important accessory, and often change the whole vibe of an outfit. Whether they are bespoke or ready-to-wear, are at the intersection between craft and elegance. French shoes are a successful fusion between traditional shoe-making know-how and more creative, avant-garde design. This is a list of iconic French brands of shoes and footwear and online connection to their e-shops.

French toys

Many of French producers of French toys use designers are from France and many of handmade toys use local craftsmen. High-quality toys made in France means not only fully safety tested and child safe, but also gives an opportunity for progress creativity of children. This is a list of French high quality toys, games and kids stuff made in France and online connection to their e-shops.

French babies

Country of origin France. French companies built a place where creativity lives and thrives because it’s powered by people. French fashion of babies clothes has created high quality and stylish clothing for babies and kids. Parisian insouciance extends to the way women dress their kids too. This is a French directory and online connection of French Brands to their e-shops.

French bags

French gifts can be the expression of friendship, gratitude or love. If you are looking for a French gift for your wife, girl-friend, mother or another loved person, here are a French gifts producers that may be of interest as bags, handbags, customized jewels and much more. This is a list of French gifts and personal stuff made only in France and online connection to their e-shops.

French furniture

French furniture comprises both the most sophisticated furniture made in Paris for aristocrats, on the one hand, and French provincial furniture made in the provincial cities and towns many of which, like Lyon and Liège, retained cultural identities distinct from the metropolis. Today French furniture has ceased to be just for functional purposes. Utility and comfort are still important but it has moved on to become a fashion statement. The following are some of the leading furniture brands in France and connection to their e-shops.

French furnishing

For those hoping to create a setting of warmth, elegance, and timeless beauty, French home accessories can be an incredible asset to achieving the aesthetic. Brilliant selection of French home decor finds its perfect match in collection of French home furnishings and appliances. French Home Accessories utilizes a muted and chic color palette incorporating lovely hues of gold, burlap and flax colored fabric, natural wood, and patinas to bring a rich sense of style and quiet elegance to a room. This is a list of French home decor.


QUALITY À LA FRANÇAISE. When you really feel a «live» experience, the music is taken to a new dimension; the soundstage opens, the musicians stand in front of you, each instrument is distinguished accurately and the music gives you the chills.This is a list of French manufacturers who exclusively produce electrical and hifi systems, loudspeakers and many others electro products by made in France. Connection to online links of French original music instruments and original quality of French HiFi equipment makers.

French outdoors

Whether you’re headed into the high alpine, expecting heavy weather, or want to add a little party to your summit push, we’ve got for you a list of French companies manufacturing a selection of leisure items, sports equipment like bikes, walking gear, clothing and other leisure original French products and online connection to their e-shops. Discover the best selection of French outdoors companies.

French lifestyle

French tableware is great to build a French style kitchen or to transform your dining experience. Discover and acquire historical, new, and innovative origin French brands, selecting them to give you the best of design. Who loves French food, and who loves cooking French food can visit kitchenware and tableware products made in France and links to their e-shops.

French cat

French pet healthcare continues to benefit from increasingly health-conscious pet owners who are spending more money on these products. Consequently, origin French brands manufacturers will continue to focus on improvements in the price, quality and segmentation of such pet products. This is a list of French brands of pets accessories producers with online links to their e-shops.