Our website will help you find original French Brands and French children clothing producers companies across the France, their links and their e-shops. Soft organic baby clothes from creative french designers are very original and often come in small and limited editions. In order to help and hopefully inspire, we showcase a number of French baby clothing designers. By clicking on the French flag in the top bar you will see many more original French brands of cosmetics, fashion, furniture, home furnishings, hi-fi, shoes, food, toys, tools and much more. Thank you for supporting MADE IN FRANCE.

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Nin-Nin was an old French word used to say "sleep/have a sleep". Nin-Nin is from Burgundy and is proud of it so it seemed very natural to manufacture their products in France and more specifically in Le Creusot. So they have found awesome seamstresses who are manufacturing the Nin-Nin in every detail, one by one, with love and tenderness. It was extremely important to them to be able to control the quality of their products, and to use great skills and expertise that are today tending to fade away in french country. EMILIE A DOUDOUS is fun, fantastic and French! They are proud today to show you the the whole new collection, and they hope you will love it and talk to your friends about it!

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The "FÉE PARMÔHA" gives life to the creations of their artists since his workshop in Haute-Loire! Discover the magical concept of the Fée Parmôha that sparkles children's creativity! The ability to imagine and create their own clothes enchants children! A creative and playful workshop developing their imagination and enhancing their creativity allowing them to proudly wear a unique outfit. They help transform your children's creations into 100% personalized clothes or all your decorative wishes in a personalized cushion. This unique and fun concept allows all the big and small artists to develop their imagination, to wear or to expose their unique creation with pride!

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Jolee Mome is a vast scope of creative expression that aims at sharing beautiful soft moments. Early childhood is a rare and precious time often remembered with tenderness and emotion. It is these memories of moments, fragrances, cuddles that create loving and are cherished all our lives. Discover their luxury organic slippers collection. Noble leather for supple slippers, gracious and original lines which wrap the feet, while offering the marvelous feeling that you are walking barefoot. Jolee Môme, leather slipper for baby and child of French craft, because childhood is precious. Address: 5/7/9 Boulevard Eugène Deruelle, 69003 Lyon, France.

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MORE THAN A DOUDOU ... a totem, a signature, that's what JUSTE INSEPARABLES weaves. A unique and meaningful link between the child and his blanket! Dishes to adapt to little baby hands, they mix colors and textures to awaken the senses. 100% natural materials, they are made in France. Good fairies have given them three super powers, embroidered on a pretty label. Because a blanket is irreplaceable, discover our clever ideas to not lose it ... Their soft toys are tested by an independent laboratory to meet CE standards games and toys children under 36 months.

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For LITTLE WOUDE local production is essential, their production is French and the fabrics they use are now also partly French. They chose French manufacturing with the aim of limiting the impact on the environment but above all creating jobs, maintaining their independence and ensuring a high level of quality. The company was born in 2010 and since then they have developed a range of models of evolutionary and reversible clothing for babies and children from 6 months to 6 years. The organic fabrics they use provide softness and comfort to their clothes and textiles so that the movements of baby.

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Since 2013, they have been producing healthy, durable and fully manufactured baby products in Caen in Normandy in a social and solidarity workshop, L'atelier du douou. Buying their products also means preserving traditional know-how that is disappearing. 100% made in France, made in their social and solidarity workshop in Caen, they have teamed up with the famous Saint James knitwear brand for the creation of a unique and endearing model. In stock items are shipped within 48 hours and personalized items within 7 days with Colissimo®. Margotte Tournicote Doudous are Made in France.