Our website will help you find original French Fashion and French Brands across the France, their links and their e-shops. French designers have long created the most renowned and coveted fashion brands in the world. Stylistically innovative and technically exceptional, the outstanding reputation of the French clothing industry can be traced as far back as the 17th century, and it is a reputation that has only continued to strengthen since. Original French fashion may be mysterious and masterful, but it's not entirely unattainable. By clicking on the French flag in the top bar you will see many more original French brands of cosmetics, shoes, furniture, home furnishings, hi-fi, toys, food, tools and much more. Thank you for supporting MADE IN FRANCE.

French designer

Claudie Pierlot has worked in all fashion professions: model maker, assistant stylist to Jacqueline Jacobson at Dorothée Bis or stylist at Printemps. In 1984, Claudie Pierlot created her house "for the women of Paris". The success is immediate and will never be denied. In 2011, Vanessa Pierrat took over the artistic direction of the brand. It keeps the house’s BCBG heritage while adding a trendy and quirky touch. Her style is in the pure tradition of tailoring and is reflected in the particular care given to cuts and finishes. Claudie Pierlot is the ambassador of the Parisian: a well-born girl, open to the world around her. She loves travel, cherishes her freedom. Her irreverent side willingly leads her off the beaten track. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

French clothes for pregnant

Founded in 2006 by Anne-Laure Constanza, Envie de Fraise is a Parisian maternity brand with a vision to create affordable, effortless, and chic clothing for every body type and style. With comfort in mind, they design both trendy and essential pieces for the modern mum-to-be. Their seasonal collections are carefully designed at their headquarters in Paris and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Today, the brand offers a wide range of clothing for the 9 months and beyond. They invite you to discover their brand and shop the latest arrivals. Thanks to trendy collections designed and designed in France, the brand has already won hundreds of thousands of pregnant women, including many stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

French apparel

Imagine a new range of clothes with a sleek, elegant design, ultra-comfortable, seamless, extremely technical, lightweight and totally waterproof products ... Meeting within ToptexCube, Marie-Claire, Christine, Valerie, Jessica, Laurent, Hugo and Sylvain have put all their know-how in the development of these totally innovative products, both in their design and in the way of producing them. A revolution that expresses itself in the Aouro line. The team imagines and implements, day after day, new ways of making, new ways of designing and assembling, in France, very technical seamless garments. Aouro is technological products, made in France. Address: 9 Rue Françoise Barre-Sinoussi 26240 Saint-Vallier, France.

France clothes

Carrousel Clothing - Clothing Made in France. The pieces of each collection are quality and are edited in mini-series to satisfy a public adept of exclusivity, made in France and sensitive to details. Today's fashion can be organic, ecological and ethical, without being without flavors, colors and style. Many artisans are trying to converge in this direction. They find a supplier of organic cotton in France who shares their values ​​and their taste for fashion. All of his organic cottons are GOTS certified (the most serious label on organic cotton production to date). Cotton is woven, dyed and ennobled in France. Address: 10 avenue Henri Zanaroli 74600 Seynod, France.

French jeans

The ultimate sweatshirt, the sweatshirt is often associated with a simple and comfortable style. Yet, it offers a perfect base for composing multiple modern and elegant outfits. Today, the sweatshirt returns to our closets no longer as a Sunday outfit but as a modern piece for a winter outfit. At DAO, their customers are their ambassadors. They know their history, their products, their values ​​and do not hesitate to talk about them. For their new collection, the motto was to expand the range while respecting their values ​​of responsibility, sustainability and all, always combined with a certain aesthetic. Address: 5 rue Saint Nicolas 54000 France.

French XXL

FRANCE XXI products can be delivered anywhere in the world. If you live in France Métropole, you will be delivered within 4 to 8 working days from the day following the day you placed your order. If you live in Switzerland and within the European Union, you will be delivered within 4 to 12 working days from the day after you place your order. If you live in another country, you will be delivered within 4 to 16 working days from the day after you place your order. Their ambition is that those who carry France XXI represent France and their values ​​in the world: Their cuts are exclusive, specially designed for France XXI.

French shirt

Founded in 1904 by Stéphane Gerbe, the company has maintained over the years its values and traditions which still make it renowned. An embodiment of French-style fashion made of elegance, innovation and femininity. A unique manufacture chosen by the biggest designers to enhance theirs collections. A selection of high-performance yarns and materials ensuring sheerness, handle and durability. A hand made confection 100% Made in France, recognized and awarded “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”. Supple, invisible and comfortable seams.

French fashion

Fashion manufactured in France. Aatise was born from a desire: to fight against the fashion of (over) irresponsible consumption of Fast Fashion, which destroys our planet to produce clothes that will never be worn. After many years working in the world of Fashion, they refused to admit helpless against this incoherent model that offers low prices and promotions ever more numerous, and encourages behaviors that squander the resources of the earth and the pollute. We decided to commit ourselves by offering an alternative to consumers: a fashion that makes sense while remaining beautiful.

French jacket

The "Made in France" is successful! Mixing quality, creativity and ethics, fashion made close to home is more desirable than ever. The "Made in France" attracts, and for a good reason. This is an opportunity to reconnect with French quality and know-how. Because the made in France is not just a craftsman in his workshop. It is also an industry that is struggling to continue producing in France despite offshoring and competition. Made in France is not a fad. It's a real awareness. Kiplay Vintage is the desire to work from a collection of old clothes, and bring it up to date for a ready-to-wear collection.

French skirts

Since 1947, Lemahieu creates underwear next to Lille. Specialist in the manufacture of underwear comfort and well-being, cotton underwear, warm underwear, LEMAHIEU has gradually expanded its offer to innovative textiles. Lemahieu means high quality products and 100% French manufacturing. The product takes its essential characteristics in France. Just like composition, the consumer is entitled to know where a product is made. It's up to him to buy knowingly. Manufacturing and employment in France have always been part of the values ​​of LEMAHIEU which is proud of its teams and their know-how ...

French underwear

Clothes made in Rhône-Alpes from eco-friendly materials, made to order or available in limited stock. Timeless and casual clothes for women and men. Ethical and local clothing brand. Ready-to-wear for women and men. Eco-friendly materials. Made in France, with the order, in limited series. Claire Chiquet - Freelance Graphic Designer and Artistic Director. Cazenave - Consultant and project manager in responsible marketing. Claire Alvernhe - Freelance stylist specialized in outdoor clothing. They believe in a more responsible, reasonable, consistent and transparent fashion.

French slip

From a thread of wool to the box – all steps in the production process are Made in France. Every piece of our collection is the the perfect mixture of knowledge and tradition of the best local workshops within the hexagon. Born of a thousand desires, idealist and enthusiastic, Le Slip Français is a big and optimistic French adventure. A modern enterprise which, with sincerity and happiness, shares its creations and precious moments. In 2013 we came across the company Lemahieu, which is situated just next to Lille in the North of France. Founded 60 years ago, the family company is nowadays lead by Edith and Oliver and employs 110 people.

French brassiere

The idea of ​​the indiscreet brand germs during 2009. Born in the world of lingerie-corsetry, his three creators, Béatrice, Christelle and Didier, are passionate about this unusual, traditional and yet so contemporary. Designed for clients who are sensitive to well-being, comfort, quality pieces and sensuality, the indiscreet brand is characterized by high-end lingerie pieces, as comfortable as they are refined. And, because beauty must be able to express itself in all the forms, the different bra, briefs and other tops and nighties indiscreet are also available in the most generous sizes.

French trousers

Charles Lyautey is passionate about fashion and creation from his earliest childhood. It is in July 2012 that he meets Afyda Antara, designer, having traveled a lot in the world, before settling in Besançon, her hometown. Together they begin a close collaboration that will turn into friendship. Today, they still collaborate on different projects, with the same ambitions and a unique working symbiosis. On January 23, 2017, he founded his own ready-to-wear home. His first collection is mixed, while lightness and is immortalized in Marrakech.

French sweater

Whole process of production of jeans, receiving raw materials, through weaving, cutting and making, the world of jeans and its manufacture will have no secrets for you. Their guides will show you their modern vision of these beautiful textile crafts and a workshop at the forefront of innovation. The demonstration of their method of laser washing jeans without sandblasting, without chemistry, without water, spectacular and unique in France will sparkle the eye of young and old. Address: 49 Avenue Gambetta, 26100 Romans-sur-Isere, France.

French style

Lyon, capital of silk and Resistance! Maison des Canuts is proud to present you its latest addition: the Philéone textile accessories collection. Discover an elegant collection, refined, made of surprises and pretty stories. To have fun or to offer, for men or for women, you will find your happiness in our wide range of products 100% made in Lyon! How to dress like the French is the subject of many fashion magazine articles, Google searches and -- for a lot of foreigners in France -- hand-wringing, as they find themselves living alongside people who are lauded worldwide for their enviable sense of style.

French tracksuit

Origin France guarantee. Created in 2013, the ORIJNS brand is part of a "casual" universe and offers simple clothing of incomparable quality, designed to be worn on a daily basis, and made by people who care about their job and the job. Love of work well done. Trend for some, act citizen or pledge of quality and traceability for others, one thing is certain, a garment made in France with several codes to his ... sweat! And yes, The so Frenchy style is much more than an image that the world envies us. From wire to shaping through screen printing, buttons or cords, ORIJNS manufactures all of its products in France.

French dress

Romain Brifault creates each model as a work of art. Time does not count. The look of a satisfied customer fills me as much as the recognition of my peers. Romain Brifault's personal journey gives him a particular sensitivity towards others on disability. Creation has always been his mode of expression and his studies to become a stylist, his catalyst. In all his creations, Romain Brifault strives to take into account the particularity of the body of each person. That is why, in 2018, he launched the movement "For a Fashion Without Differences" to collect donations to develop tailor-made for all morphologies.

French wear

Manufactured in France, ROYAL MER offers ready-to-wear collections and marine inspired clothing for men and women. ROYAL Mer philosophy is characterized in 3 points: 1) Embrace knitwear: Marine inspired, by the search of original knit, the attention to details and elegant finishing, each piece has both a timeless and creative aesthetic. 2) Authentic and sustainable: Thanks to a selection of the best threads, a perfect mastering of different knit techniques and the care brought to the making of each piece, Royal Mer offers a flexible, vibrant, comfortable and sustainable knit. 3) The Marine inspiration: Royal Mer captures the stimulating values of the sea to express them in its collections that carry in each imaginary a sense of freedom, authenticity and well-being.

French outfit

Established in the 11th century at a cable's length from the Mont Saint-Michel, discover the history of Saint-James, a village in Normandy and its eponymous brand. In 1160, William the Conqueror established the village of Saint-James on the Mont Saint-Michel bay. Carrying on a thousand year-old tradition in textiles, the story of Saint James began around 1850 in the city that gave its name to the brand. In 1889, the "Moulin du Prieur" workshop takes on the official status of Saint-James Mills Ltd. Today Saint James products are officially included in diplomatic gifts given by the French government to foreign ambassadors. The company receives France’s most prestigious government recognition: “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, a label distinguishing the nation’s excellence.

French garments

STORKS is above all a state of mind. 100% local manufacturing. 2 workshops in Bas-Rhin (knitting and confection women), 5 workshops in the Aube (knitting and making men) and 1 workshop in the Jura (buttons). All their items are knitted, dyed, made, screen printed and embroidered in France, within a radius of 400 km. Timeless products, qualitative and original. Fair prices, for the consumer and for the workshops. From the noble raw materials and the most ecological possible. They says, together, we can produce with respect for people and their environment and we can build a new model of production and distribution. They launch their big project "THE UNION MAKES FRANCE" with Thomas and Jean's brand 1083! Storks born and produced in France.

French beauty

Snuggerz's bet, offer underwear specially designed for the well-being of women: 100% comfort, 100% oeko-tex and 300% good mood! And because nothing is too beautiful, made in France. Yes, all that! Oeko-tex of each component guarantees the absence of toxic products for your body and the environment. In addition, the Snuggerz is made with the utmost care by a French workshop specialized in lingerie and recognized for its expertise since 1945.

French garb

SPL! CE is a dynamic young brand that wants to reconcile fashion and environment by encouraging you to consume better and less! It is by gathering the rare and precious know-how of passionate people that we can, from the culture of flax to the French confection, select a quality yarn and have it transformed in France to offer you timeless quality clothing that is beautiful and durable. . You will be proud to wear linen pieces helping to preserve French endangered skills.

French mode

Since 1872, the company Gauthier son installed in Vertolaye in Auvergne is a reference for the manufacture of braid. In 2009, the EPV label was awarded to Gauthier Fils, for his trimmings and croquet manufacturing business. More than 300 wooden looms are still functional in the company's original buildings dating back to 1872. Today, wooden looms are still used for making serpentines and croquets. Address: 88 RN 7 42470 Saint Symphorien de Lay, France.