Our website will help you find original French gifts and French personal stuff producers companies across the France, their links and their e-shops. There is nothing more exciting than offering a gift and French gifts are a wonderful way to please someone special. If anyone knows how to do chic, it’s the French. Favorite French carry brands are no strangers to crafting such pieces, creating carry that will turn heads while serving as a testament to refined, thoughtful design… By clicking on the French flag in the top bar you will see many more original French brands of cosmetics, fashion, furniture, home furnishings, baby apparel, hi-fi, shoes, food, toys, tools and much more. Thank you for supporting MADE IN FRANCE.


All their products come from a manufacturing 100% made in France. The family-owned leather goods company SERRES is more than eighty years old. It is located in Graulhet, a few dozen kilometers from Toulouse. The current leader is today the representative of the fourth generation of leatherworkers, serving the beautiful and real work of French craft. The leather goods Philippe Serres develops its own collection of bags, bags, briefcases, wallets, wallets, card cases, pouches and belts.

French jewellery

Born in Saint-Tropez on the Côte d´Azur, Alexandre invented Haute Coiffure. For more than 30 years, he designed unique hairstyles for crowned heads and aristocracy, Hollywood actresses and Haute Couture fashion shows. In 1971, he designed his first line of accessories with the iconic Peigne Vendôme. The logo depicting a Sphinx is a creation of Jean Cocteau, renowned French writer and artist, in homage to the legendary discretion of his friend Alexandre. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

french design

Dodynette a French designer very popular with amateur seamstresses. Dodynette's site offers sewing patterns to make everyday accessories. Dodynette offers the sale of textile creations, jewelry bags, bibs, pacifier clips, decoration items, haberdashery items, sewing kits etc. Textile creations ordered and made at the customer's request will be entirely handmade and orders for custom-made items are made directly from the designer. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

french luggage

With backgrounds in Design and Visual Arts, Paul Droulers and Sophie Renier chose to combine their complementary skills to create Jack Gomme in 1985. Playful and offbeat, the name also makes total sense as their first collections used rubber Bulgomme, an atypical material reminiscent of Arte Povera. Jack Gomme has also collaborated with brands and designers as Lacoste or Miyake.

French jewels

Elise & Moi is a trendy jewelry brand that appeals to a female audience aged 24 to 54. Their designer jewelry stands out from the competition thanks to a clean and simple design. They are silver or gold plated. The brand marks the meeting of accessibility, quality and creativity by offering a constantly updated collection of jewelry at affordable prices. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

french belts

"Tonnerre de Belt" is the desire of two textile enthusiasts, Amélie and Guillaume, to create a different brand of accessories: a line of belts for women and men, 100% made in France; it is also a responsible brand. The desire to keep the creation, the manufacture of fabrics and the manufacture of products in the Rhône-Alpes region is omnipresent; all with strong human links.

French bags

LE CUIR EST DANS LE PRÉ is a young start-up engaged in the creation, manufacture and marketing of fashion accessories and decoration in eco-responsible and 100% French leather. LE CUIR EST DANS LE PRE is aimed at men and women who love leather accessories, and also want to: be able to adapt it to their outfits, know the origin of their leather, really consume 100% French and avoid the waltz prices for eco-responsible consumption, better and less with respect the environment and animals. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

French watch

The Akrone is brand of french watches. The quest for singularity is one of the main drivers driving their projects. New ideas and new creations jostle constantly to offer you watches that are always different but connected by this state of mind. The Akrone customer gets the assurance of wearing a high quality watch with a 100% French design at a low price. Their watches pass rigorous tests according to a drastic specification established by us before leaving their assembly workshop. Their quality requirement is your safety.

french crystal

According to ancient legends, the gods drank wine only from crystal cups. That's why, in ancient Rome, crystal jugs and cups were considered to be luxurious items, and they were proud of the richest and the emperors. Last but not least, the crystal is suited to modern decorations, designed by leading French designers. Cristal lehrer offers table art, jewelry, decorations, laser engraving, sculptures and vases. Address: CRISTAL LEHRER BRUNO EURL 1 rue du Plan incliné 57820 GARREBOURG, France.

french deco

The French leader in the creation and manufacture of candles since 1803 is the expert on this market with a thousand and one scents. This family-owned SME based in Nantes, whose core business is the manufacture of candles, is now run by the 5th generation of wax masters, represented by two brothers: Francis Clément Devineau and Marc Devineau. Devineau now holds a recognized know-how that allows it to offer its customers quality products. Its Research & Development laboratory is constantly striving to improve their formulas, and works in compliance with legislation and the control of the environment.

french leather

Custom creations made in their workshops in Normandy: Curls of character, leather straps, the choice of the material, the color ... the combinations are endless. This is how to make the most demanding of them happy. DUC DE NORMANDIE is a French brand, leather craftsman, born of the meeting of two Norman, passionate and crazy creature who had the idea, one evening, to create a belt together. Jean-Louis is a manufacturer of belts in Normandy for almost 10 years. Today, these are tailor-made creations made by Jean-Louis. The choice of the material is how to make the most demanding of the dukes in each of them happy.

french art

Enjoy the emotion of a sensitive french object. Tableware, decoration, art of living, jewelry, fashion accessories, furniture, lamps, cabinet of curiosities and exceptional pieces: there are so many ways to beautify your daily life with a touch of emotion and to give it more soul and sensuality, putting textures and sensations back in the spotlight. Ateliers d’Art de France are the professional fine craft federation. Contrary to standardized marketplaces, EMPREINTES is the place where all the aspects of the craftsmen’ know-hows and ability to transform materials are expressed freely and directly: ceramics, wood, paper, metal... All products are made in France.

French designer

Christian Tortu is best known for single-handedly challenging the way the world sees flowers by mixing flowers, plants and vegetables in unique arrangements that strip away artifice and offer direct interpretations of nature. The whole story of Christian Tortu, the man, the florist, and the french designer, starts in the garden of his parents, farm in France’s Anjou region. With Christian Tortu, vegetal becomes a call to an imaginary journey ; a far from the known paths towards an unprejudiced and frontierless place somewhere.

french wine

LANCE design pocket cutters - Always modern, their creations are guided by the aesthetic requirement and the original function. Innovative in its material and satin texture, our pocket corkscrew is also in color. Declined in a dozen shades, this corkscrew is contemporary, chic, metal and intense. All their pocket corkscrews are 100% made in France! Anodised aluminum, sommelier type wick (Ø 9mm - Lg 45 mm - 4.5 turns) coated in black Teflon - Satin aluminum body and anodized. Address: 36 Route des lacs - PAE des Jourdies 74800 Saint Pierre en Faucigny.

french mobil

In January 2018 were creation of the french brand La Coque. Located in the Alps, La Coque reinvents the link between mobile accessories and fashion while adding an artistic aspect. Hull has developed several concepts: 1. Basic is a collection of collections for all tastes, 2. Arty puts forward artists in exclusive collaborations, 3. Transparent will be perfect to keep the design of your smartphone intact. They are always listening to our customers in order to offer the best service, always better quality while keeping an affordable price.

French umbrella

He was born in Cherbourg, at the head of the Cotentin, terroir surrounded by the sea which sometimes cradles, sometimes rough. He inherited a strong character. And like a sailboat flying the flag of his native port, he proudly sports, embroidered on the canvas the coat of arms of the brand "Le Véritable Cherbourg". The quality grows the men, it is called the Manufacture of french Umbrellas of Cherbourg. It brings together women and men who have invested and transformed into luxury french manufacturers. Designed on site, they are handcrafted for the purpose of zero faults, zero defects.

french candle

The French company PROCADO Diffusion has specialized in the manufacture of scented products since 2001. Located near Metz, Plesnois (57), it has about thirty employees in its offices and workshops of creation and production. All their ranges of products are handmade in France, in their workshops. Their candles are cast by hand, based on vegetable waxes and Grasse perfumes. The Lumières du Temps collection - Discover their collection of decorative products and gift ideas, combining scents and natural. A range of more than 40 perfumes, developed by french creators. Their products are made in their french workshops.

french collection

The know-how, the savoir-vivre. She is an original lamp, and 120 years of creations after her. She is a refined elegance, a French excellence, the French Touch that they envy. From his family, Maison Berger Paris is a memory, a successful legacy. She is the sum of all her experiences, the singularity of each of her members. She is a unique creativity, an expert technology, an art of life. Maison Berger Paris is the promise of an olfactory emotion, a singular experience, a pleasure of the senses. It offers the inspiration of its Master Perfumers, and a signature always unique.

French lamp

It is in SAINT-PIERRE-LE-MOUTIER, in Burgundy, that their products are made, In their workshop, they concentrate all the French know-how with French materials. Put a touch "Made in France" in your decor! After conducting an audit, the Origine France Garantie label is awarded by an independent certifying body. Checks are then carried out each year to verify that the product is 100% manufactured in France. Discover their large deco products.

french purse

Because they produce in France, their commitment is also to defend it and to let it know. At MAUVE & FAUVE, they imagine bags, wallets and leather bracelets to enhance your outfits. From creation to realization, everything happens in their french workshop in Nantes, where they work each piece in a unique and handmade way, by hand. Address: MAUVE & FAUVE, Route de Bel Air de Gauchoux 44860 Saint Aignan de Grand Lieu, France.

french handbags

Paris Pourchet’s flagship store under the arcades of Place des Vosges in the heart of Paris perfectly sums up the history of the house. In 1903, the politician Auguste Gindre established a workshop to produce reticules – small handbags which elegant women liked to wear on their finger or wrist in the early 20th century – for his wife. But their daughter Marcelle, who took over the brand in 1920, went on to become a producer of leather goods in her own right...


All their products are created and manufactured in limited edition in Ardèche, FRANCE. They hope that their first collection, built in the spirit of "South France", available for umbrellas, bags, shawls and pillows, will be the beginning of a thriving society. Bright colors, beautiful and gentle, very original graphic design, high quality fabric, everything is made to lift you up. No. 07 is the story of two partners who, on the basis of their abilities, graphic design, other fabrics for printing technology, decided to create local french brands, original and innovative.


Watches manufactured in France. At the heart of the Franco-Jurassien Massif, the historic cradle of watchmaking, Maison Pequignet is an authentic luxury factory that perpetuates the great watchmaking tradition within an independent French House, committed to quality and love of the world. crafts. In 1973 in Morteau, Emile Pequignet founded the brand Pequignet, which he signed with his EP initials. Entered at 16 in traditional watchmaking, Emile Pequignet combines talent with ambition. His strength lies immediately in the audacity of his creativity.


Shipped every year worldwide, Piganiol umbrellas are acclaimed by their customers. Discover their umbrellas woman, their umbrellas Tradition as the umbrella of Berger or the umbrella L'Aurillac, folding umbrellas and order them for you or for your next gift. With more than 133 years dedicated to the manufacture of umbrellas and rich in its heritage, the company Piganiol has retained its craftsmanship and values. Five generations have succeeded to make it one of the European leaders of the high-end umbrella. Piganiol is now looking to the future...


All their gems are made in France in their workshop near Lyon. For more than 4 years, Marie and Stéphanie, founders develop their company with pasion. Pluie d'étoiles bijoux is the creation of unique and made in France fashion jewelery for men and women. Many of you are talking about Rain Star Jewelry around you and we are very happy. Each piece of jewelery is custom-made and tailor-made, so the delay may vary. In metropolitan France the delivery time is 3 to 5 days after receipt of your payment.

French bangle

Après la mousson is made in France, with mixtures of fabrics and materials from French manufacturers, and pieces from abroad, many of which bear witness to high old craftsmanship. Each piece tells a story, bears a specific identity, is a journey into the imagination. The designer, Odile Chabanel Kurzaj, after 28 years devoted to the diffusion of the Japanese and Belgian fashion designers and the creation of a personal collection, chooses in January 2015 to invest completely in the creation of a line of accessories.

french candles

The Fragrance Tablets in Chocolate packaging are a unique and protected creation of the Petite Parisienne. Only a few shavings in a diffuser allow you to fully enjoy the intense notes of each perfume and capture all the bad smells. In the cold, they continue to spread in your closets, bags, in the bottom of a trash ... take them everywhere, even at work, you will feel at home in all circumstances. Share your square and your friends will enjoy it. Change the fragrances according to your moods. It's as easy as eating chocolate!


Training Engineer Arts and Crafts, He always liked to design objects, to imagine simple and clever solutions to improve our lives. After 10 years in the industry and then in boating, He decided to take charge of his destiny and market his own inventions. Y-ply was born in 2008 to bring some comfort on the beach. This back cushion / headrest at the same time design and minimalist always has a lot of success in France and abroad. Since 2014, with Ofyl, He has at heart to integrate a social and environmental dimension in the manufacture of his products.

french piece

Creation and manufacture of unique pieces. All the jewels are entirely made by hand and 100% made in France. The materials used are noble: glass, silk, linen, leather and fine stones. The workshop is located on the "beauty coast" in the South West of France, at the gates of Royan, in Charente Maritime. The story begins at the edge of a beach of the Atlantic Ocean .... Sara Bartko will focus on these treasures brewed by the waves and worn by the sand "glass chips opacified by the tides". Today, the Sara Bartko brand is broadcast worldwide. Address: 12 route de Pousseau, 17600 Médis.

french glasses

They are committed to French excellence: their entire eyewear collection is entirely made in Oyonnax in the Jura mountains. It's unique and they are proud of it. All their frames (absolutely all) have the Origine France Garantie label. It is the certification label of the most demanding French manufacture that is (still beyond the Made in France, is to tell you). Each of their mounts was designed in Paris in their offices, by a duo of creators locked in a secret hiding place (and fed at will). They have created a collection for women, men and children.