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The Ardelaine cooperative was created in 1982. It plans to restructure the local wool industry from sheep shearing to the marketing of finished products, using environmentally friendly processes. They manufacture mattresses, duvets, and pillows filled with wool, then in 1986 they create a range of clothes in their Valencia french workshop. In the spirit of "short circuits" they make the choice of direct sales to individuals: on-site sales, at trade fairs and organic and correspondence. To develop the company, they extend their marketing to European "organic salons". The current team of Ardelaine includes young and old, those who know how to do this or that.

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Since 1843, Blanc des Vosges has been making linen collections in the Vosges region of Gérardmer, perpetuating with passion the excellence of French manufacturing. Bed linen, duvet cover, fitted sheet, tablecloth, terry towel, bathrobe, plaid, each creation Blanc des Vosges is the culmination of a quest for quality, creativity and exceptional craftsmanship. The labels Vosges Terre Textile and Entreprise du Patrimoine vivant testify to the brand's Made in France commitment. The collections of linen are modern and trendy, while retaining the authenticity of the neat finishes and the nobility of canvases used as cotton, percale, satin, printed plain or jacquard.

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Family business for 4 generations, they are specialists in the treatment of feathers and down new since 1870 and French manufacturer of duvets, comforters and feather pillows and duvets of ducks or geese high-end factory direct price for the individual under our brand Castex natural duvets. The French Manufacture Alphonse CASTEX is becoming a recognized professional in bedding and furnishing upholsterers, ottomans and other upholstered products to upholsterers and decorators. Today, CASTEX, with its expertise in the treatment of feathers and downs, is dealing in the manufacture of down comforters down and french luxury comforters.

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Max Arnaud created French Alina Textiles at the end of 1998, dedicated to the service for industrial customers by offering them the outsourcing services of warping and weaving. With its experience, and driven by the need to take autonomy and Independence and driven by the desire to create beautiful for consumers Table Trainer was born. All their promotions on linen made in France. Address: 1 rue Jean Charcot 26100 Romans-sur-Isère, France.

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Like all beautiful stories, that of Garnier-Thiebaut begins with a wedding celebrated at the merchants canvas, that of Virginie Thiébaut and Jean-Baptiste Garnier. They create together in 1833 the weaving company GARNIER-THIEBAUT. The solidity and brilliance of Gérardmer made its notoriety as early as the 19th century. The mastery of the jacquard technique definitely positions the family company as a major player in household linen.

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Since 1776, the House of Balmy dresses your house: beds, tables, windows, bathrooms. His unique creations, thought and made, are born in the valley of Munster in Alsace. Large heiress of the know-how of Alsatian textile masters Hartmann et fils, for more than two centuries, the House has constantly brought comfort and refinement to your home. Today, each creation continues to reflect their values: French authenticity, French quality, generosity and intimacy.

French cloth

Ennery's company was created in 1946. A true heiress of the purest French textile tradition, it has been working for more than 65 years to provide professionals with a wide range of quilted products. D'Ennery makes bedding throws and scarves, plaids, eiderdowns, boutis, sofa covers (BZ and sofa bed), seat covers, wall hangings, duvets, coveralls mattresses ... All the products sold on the mademoiselledennery website are made in France and sent directly from the garment French workshops. This system makes it possible to reduce intermediaries to the maximum in order to offer you the best possible price.

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Emmanuelle Valdenaire, who now runs the company, succeeded her mother Nicole Germain who created it in 1985, succeeding herself to a company born in the Vosges in 1945. Rich in an experience of fifteen years in the field of textile, she surrounded herself with collaborators with incontestable know-how. For 25 years, the company has been able to progress in new techniques, new products and new materials and has specialized in two-colored plain items as well as in special dimensions (for boats, camper, hotels, etc ...).The high-end quality of its products comes in a collection of 10 different canvases, starting with the famous Blanc to Satins.

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Family house since 1919, they are weavers of linen for 5 generations. Entirely made in their South West factory, their tea towels and tablecloths will find their place in your world. Discover YOUR dish towel! There is something for everyone, every color. They are woven with love and humor in their South West french workshop. Sublime your tables every day! Put on color, stripes ... let their tablecloths whet your appetite and make every moment a good time. Dress up your longère tables and vis-à-vis. This is a nice way to highlight your lunches and your dinner alone. Warm or refined, the longères are also wonderful on your consoles and your coffee tables.

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Over 100 years ago, in 1908, in the Bearnese village of Gestas, Jean-Baptiste Gouze, son of a hand weaver, sets up a workshop for mechanical weaving –one of the first in the region. The originality and exceptional quality of his fabrics establishes his reputation among cloth merchants. In 2002, the brand Tissage de Luz is created and Jérôme Fanfare, great grandson of Jean-Baptiste, continues the business by developing new products and new markets and by carrying on the values and expertise of his forebears. The creativity and unaltered quality of the woven fabric, made in France in accordance with standards maintained for a century, have been the key to success for Tissage de Luz.

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TGL is proud to unveil its 2019 catalog! With more than 160 years of experience, they have become over the years one of the benchmarks for professional bed linen. They can meet the needs of communities, hotels, restaurants, but also individuals. They manufacture most of the products presented here, which allows us to offer attractive prices and direct factory prices. Their products will meet your expectations from both a practical and decorative point of view! For the decoration of your room or to ensure optimal protection for your bedding, we have turnkey solutions such as hypoallergenic mattress cover fleece, but also their child bed linen or our cotton duvet covers available in different sizes.


Their company Voilage: Mauves sur Loire 44 15 km north of Nantes creates and makes table cloth,table runner, sheer, ... and all Made in France. Linen bedding is considered to be some of the most luxurious bedding available – often sought out by celebrities, stylists, designers and luxury accommodations. The flax plant has amazing properties, and when woven into fabric it has the ability to filter and ventilate against moisture and bacteria making it anti-allergenic bedding. Amazingly, linen can absorb up to 20% of its own weight before it even starts to feel wet, which is why it always feels cool and crisp to the touch and so delightful to sleep on. Address: Atelier 548 rue de la Droitière 4470 MAUVES SUR LOIRE.