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Only few people know the name of this genius designer, Ernest Mauviel, but the products inherited from his craft workshop founded in 1830 have become famous around the world. Ernest yesterday to Valérie today, already seven generations that the flagship company of the Bay of Mont St Michel magnifies the kitchens of professionals and individuals, in France and abroad. Its exceptional know-how is the key to its success and its ability to adapt is the keystone. For nearly two centuries, Mauviel 1830 has been adapting to market trends. Every day, 70 craftsmen carve, assemble, hammer, strike, polish, stamp, shape 1300 utensils of the French brand.

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Located in the heart of the village of Laguiole in the Aveyron, in the middle of the Aubrac plateau, the Benoit l'Artisan cutlery is a small craft company created in 1999 by Benoit Mijoule, a young master knife maker, and a master craftsman Art, born in Laguiole and cutler's son. In order to give free rein to his know-how and his creativity Benoit creates since 2007 his own knife designs, different from the traditional Laguiole French knife. Proud of his Laguiolese origins, attached to his territory and passionate about his profession, Benoit gives his Laguiole original French knives a little of his personality by using noble and contemporary materials.

French wine

France, known for its wines, is divided into 17 wine regions with different varieties that offer a great variety of wines. Vinatis elected several times best online wine sales site. Vinatis guarantees its customers the best prices on the web and offers nearly 2,500 references all selected by a tasting committee and deliverable within 24 hours. It all started in 2002. Vinatis was born from a meeting of two friends with common passions: business and wine. The ambition of Olivier and Manu is to help consumers choose bottles separately and offer them a real choice at the best price. Vinatis also offers to you one of the most complete champagne offers. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Designer and exclusive manufacturer of the genuine "Douk-Douk" French knife since 1929. You will find in their pages the unusual history of the famous "DOUK-DOUK", the origins of the manufacture and all their fabrications. Among the first founding members of the "Brotherhood of the Thiers Knife" in 1993, Pierre Cognet created his own model of Thiers, inspired by the famous Douk-Douk. The traditional French cutlery tradition of their Manufacture allowed them the reissue of old closing knives, regional knives such as Montpellier, Capucin or Truffier. The inspiration of enthusiasts and art French cutlers has resulted in the "customization" of some models of their fabrications, giving them a surprising French originality.

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100% French traditional fabrication. La Grande Coutellerie commercializes products bearing the brand name Claude Dozorme. Products with the brand name Claude Dozorme are guarantors of a fully French manufacturing tradition. Founded in 1902 by Blaise Dozorme nicknamed "The Wolf", the brand name Claude Dozorme is the signature of a long modernized family tradition. Either with the nomadic spirit of the Liner, the classic but modernized elegance of the Laguiole or the Thiers, the functional and companiable spirit of La Haute Cuisine, the playful and joyful spirit of Les Berlingots, you'll find in all La Grande Coutellerie's commercialized products the same respect of their roots adapted to the lifestyles of our era.

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LIGNE W corkscrews mix classic wine accessories with contemporary design to create a look, feel and atmosphere that is associated with the enjoyment of wine. LIGNE W corkscrews are about savouring the experience and creating memories with friends and loved ones. Mixing modern colours, shape and materials with old techniques to create visually stunning and extremely functional pieces. Every LIGNE W corkscrew is made from the highest quality materials and thoroughly checked before it leaves their French workshop. Each piece in the range features a foil cutter, bottle opener and a double step system to allow for easy and secure removal of the cork every time. LIGNE W corkscrews make the perfect gift.

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Established in the Rhône-Alpes region, their company designs, manufactures and assembles its products in France. Because Veritable® is also a human story, they proudly work with French partners and subcontractors along with local, regional and national networks and institutions. Veritable® enables everyone to grow aromatic herbs, mini vegetables, edible flowers and baby herb salad, all year round, at home, effortlessly. Discover their Veritable® Indoor Gardens and the Lingots® : Mint, Chives, Basil, Parsley, Tomato, Chili, Mizuna, Watercress…et many more!


To taste and find the aromas of a wine is an art for some people. But like all art, he learns. The mission of Vinitem is to reveal the aromas of wine to offer you an optimal tasting from the first sip; a moment of pleasure and sharing. Following a request from professionals, the Vinitem aerator has been designed and patented in France. Wines less than five years old need to be oxygenated. The Vinitem Aerator is designed to reveal the wine aromas instantly. The Vinitem aerator arises on a glass or carafe, pour the wine through the aerator, and you can taste and discover the aromas of wine.

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Their honeys work to repopulate France in bees and participate in the renaissance of Made in France production. These are unique honeys: they are not mixed and imported. Harvested and selected with love by their beekeepers, they respect the work of bees. Honeys can have different textures: they can be creamy, liquid, and sometimes even viscous. In this respect, everyone has their preferences: creamy honeys are often easier to spread. Liquid honeys, on the other hand, are generally easier to cook. Liquid honeys include acacia honey, wildflower honey, and organic chestnut honey...

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Chickpeas from South-West France transformed by us in their French workshops in Lyon. All their products are certified organic farming. Naturally gluten-free, low in fat and high in fiber and protein. Address: 12 rue du Bois Baron 69220 BELLEVILLE, France. All products are manufactured in France.


Located in Coudray-Rabut, offers one of the largest range of calvados, cider and Pommeau de Normandie! Address: 1895 route de Trouville 14130 Coudray-Rabut. If products are delivered outside of Metropolitan France, the purchaser is known to be the importer of the product(s) concerned.

French Bio

It was in Caen in 1850 that the Biscuiterie Normande was born, directed by Monsieur Mollier. Very quickly, the biscuit factory specializes in the manufacture of luxury products based on high quality raw materials from Normandy. Address: 23 avenue du Pays de Caen 14460, Colombelles, France.

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The Cretin of the Alps is a range of friendly local products, good to eat and to offer, which offers exclusive recipes, made with quality ingredients without preservatives or artificial flavors. The legend says that these products were born in the mountain pastures removed, the spirit of a little rustic man with a strong character, who managed to put the best of the Alps in his recipes. The Cretin des Alpes offers a range of sweet and salty, solid and liquid products that are mostly made according to original French recipes prepared by their chef.

French chocolate

The Criollo, a bisontine artisanal chocolate factory, is at your side for your chocolate cravings: Tradition assortment, Plates to break / chew, not to mention the specialties borrowed from French originality and delicacy! The Criollo, the chocolatier of gourmands and gourmets in Burgundy-Franche-Comté! The Criollo won the "Patrimoine Franc-comtois" prize at the International Food Show as part of the Regional Contest for Innovative Products. Le Criollo is made in France.

French milk

Created in 1920, Le Roy René is a family business specializing in Provençal confectionery. Today, their soon-to-be one hundred year-old House brings you the traditional Calisson d’Aix, a collection of exceptional calissons with multiple flavours, nougat from Provence, a collection of almond biscuits and other sweets, such as cream jams, candied fruit and many others. Let yourself be transported on a gourmet Provençal journey, with know-how and quality raw materials. LE ROY RENÉ are original France.


In the drawer, there are good traditional chocolates. Cocoa comes from Africa and Latin America, grown and sold in fair trade. They mix it to obtain an aromatic French chocolate, a bit full-bodied and with character. The other ingredients are chosen for their quality and, as far as possible, the proximity of their production (raspberries from Drôme, Dauphiné walnuts, ...). Of course, all the ingredients come from organic farming.

French cheese

Created in 1991, Tuyé de Mésandans is the pioneer in the home sales of Franche-Comté products! They are manufacturers of fresh regional products Franche-Comté: cured meats, cured meats, gourmet boxes ... Thei shop site, launched in December 2013, aims to promote the terroir Franc-Comtois throughout France with a range of about 50 regional products. Their products are handcrafted - made in France.

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Discover an authentic traditionnaly jam factory "Les Confitures de la Hoube". They are happy to welcome you to show you their knowledge in their fabrication wordkshop where they still employ the traditionnal methods. Free tasting of their delicious and surprising jams with excellent and first quality fruits is waiting for you. Address: 26 Rue de l'Église, 57370 Saint-Jean-Kourtzerode, France. All their products are original France.

french peanut

The Déglingués offer you artisan biscuits Bons et Bios. Each product is made with respect for the ingredients and each has its function. No need for preservatives, dyes or other chemicals. In addition, limit the waste, use organic products and especially to appeal to environmentally friendly suppliers, this is their approach to taste.


You can find classic jams, more surprising marriages or even unusual associations. The fruit preparations are cooked in a cauldron and worked with respect for tradition. He selected the producers by favoring a reasoned agriculture, farms on a human scale, and products of quality and season. All products are made in France.

french cake

A macaroon that will become the emblem of the city of Boulay and one of the most popular specialties of the region. The secret of manufacturing, jealously preserved, will be transmitted from generation to generation until 1963, when it is entrusted to the Alexandre family. Boulay macaroons are made according to the initial French recipe.