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Around 1978 Jean-Louis PEYRACHE decided to buy new modern automatic production machines, connected to computers. He also decided to build a bigger factory, which would be more functional and better equipped than the previous one. The factory is still located in St Didier. The brand integrated a company called France-neige specialized in knitting, and thanks to PEYRACHE experience in sewing, the quality of the two brands is a key factor of success. The company France-neige works with other beanies brands, which inspired PEYRACHE to create in 2008 BLANC-BONNET, a high quality French brand that manufactures 100% of their products in the Blanc-Bonnet factory.

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Lemondeduparapluie offers the largest selection of french umbrellas for men, women and children. To adapt to each need, hundreds of references are available in their online store. Based on many criteria such as strength or design, they choose the best umbrellas for you. From star models such as transparent umbrellas or inverted umbrellas to the most original umbrellas, their wish is to allow you to find THE umbrella that suits you. You will be able to find large, modern and distinctive umbrellas, but also to buy a folding umbrella, storm or special wedding. From the classic model to the luxury umbrella, the choice is wide and allows you to find the suitable umbrella. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

french sneakers

The first sneaker is ecological project made in France. Ector is Made in France. More: Made in Local, since the design, the knitting and the assembly are done with them and their partners, in Auvergne - Rhône Alpes. Born in the cradle of the French shoe in Romans-sur-Isère, ector is the fruit of the meeting between historical know-how and new technologies. By buying ector, you do not only buy a sneaker, you also participate to reinvigorate a local industry rich in history and skills. Launched through a first Ulule campaign at the end of 2016, we managed to offer you a nice and modern sneaker, eco-designed, innovative and close to you. They have specially studied their design to limit its environmental impact.

french triangle

It is a craft company which is located in La Rochelle in Charente Maritime (New Aquitaine Region). Come and discover all their collection of bags, accessories, chilians, scenarist armchairs ... in canvas in their shop at 67 st Nicolas street - La Rochelle close to the tourism and old port office. Their articles are created and manufactured entirely in France in their French workshop in La Rochelle. Bags are manufactured in new fabric but they recycle all their wastes and reach the "zero waste". The fabric is dyed in the mass, treated anti-UV and water repellent.

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Each Victoire bike is designed, manufactured, painted and assembled in France. In addition to being an ethical approach - by supporting the local economy - and ecological - by releasing itself the maximum carbon impact of transport by boat or plane - this allows them to have optimal control the quality of their production. Since their beginnings in 2012, they have continued to optimize their manufacturing process. A Victoire bike is unique. The buying experience too. Each project is made with the greatest care, to perfectly meet the needs of their client.

french filt

Their textile company, founded in 1860, specializes in knitting nets and wicking candle wicks. Their family-type business invests, researches, innovates, trains itself, and evolves constantly in order to continue its competitiveness in the respect of the men and the environment. Filt contributes every day to sustainable development by maintaining its textile production activity in France. Their aim is to offer quality products and French manufacturing for individuals. These are often items sometimes difficult to find in the trade. All products are made in France.

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Ms. Kawet attaches importance to every detail that contributes to the quality of the product. The materials, drawing, making, were made in collaboration with workshops and suppliers located in French regions. A value: authenticity, which makes the Bath Skirt a UNIQUE product. The idea was born, to design a feminine garment like a bathing shorts: to create the BATH SKIRT. Address: 8 RUE SGT BLANDAN 69001 LYON, France.

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At the beginning of the twentieth century in Nay, a small town in the Pyrénées Atlantiques department, the Pyrenees factory is specialized in the production of ski in one piece of ash and is among the most efficient. Created by Félix Villacampa, then cabinetmaker, and under the impetus of Dr. Lacq, president of the French ski federation, the manufacture contributes to define more than a sport, a philosophy: a way of life ...

french gril

French know-how! Since 1971, the house LE MARQUIER manufactures with passion planchas, barbecues and fireplace accessories of high quality designed to last and make you share moments of joy with family and friends. LE MARQUIER was born rue Pontrique in Bayonne in an art workshop. LE MARQUIER has adopted a new brand identity and remains true to its DNA: Conviviality - Excellence - Passion.