Our website will help you find original French Brands of shoes and original French socks producers companies across the France, their links and their e-shops. French Brands of shoes have a reputation for quality and elegance, and have an outstanding recognition factor both nationally and internationally. French companies work in virtually all footwear product ranges (shoes, pumps, sneakers, sandals, boots, espadrilles, etc.) and hace perfected specialised manufacturing techniques (double-stitching, Goodyear stitching, etc.) using a wide range of materilas (leather, fabric, synthetic materials etc.). They have offerings for all markets, for men, women and children. By clicking on the French flag in the top bar you will see many more original French brands of cosmetics, clothing, furniture, home furnishings, hi-fi, toys, food, tools and much more. Thank you for supporting MADE IN FRANCE.

Paris style

Caulaincourt is a French company founded in 2008 by Alexis Lafont to offer an unprecedented experience: the combination of traditional know-how and boldcreativity. Passion is the fundamental base of Caulaincourt : the passion exuded by the designer when he speaks about each of his creations, the passion that animates the hands of the craftspeople who produce, patinate and polish every pair of shoes, knowing they will be unique. The cornerstone of Caulaincourt’s expertise is the advice given by those who make the shoes. A.Lafont is a man of character and his shoes have inherited this spirit.

elegant shoes

Socks for men of taste. Since 1798 the GAMMARELLI family has been devoted to ensuring the elegance of the Popes. The care of these legendary tailors has contributed to the esteemed reputation of their attire across borders. Several years later, MAZARIN GRAND FAISEUR began making green socks for members of France’s Académie Française. Since 1801, this particular shade of green has been derived from silk thread embroidered on the famous habit vert representing the olive branch. Mes Chaussettes Rouges is pleased and proud to offer exclusive products from GAMMARELLI and MAZARIN GRAND FAISEUR.

Paris shoes

From their offices in Nantes, they do all the design of the models, their declination, the design, the commercial part. You want it, you dream of a pair of tailor-made shoes for women, so let your creativity go. It is you who will choose the detail that changes everything. You choose the model, the color of the leather, the height of the heel and the accessory to create the difference: a pair of customized and unique women's shoes just like you. In just a few clicks you personalize, create, customize, dress your pair of women's shoes. Your shoes made to measure just for you will be unique.

French anklets

Take a look at Archiduchesse's socks, they have a wide range of colours and shapes to fit your feet! The online shop offers more than 40 colours and models varied to suit your every need and fancy: high and smooth De Ville socks, De Luxe socks in cotton Lisle thread, Short socks, soft socks and very warm Bouclette for increased comfort and warmth, fancy socks, invisible socks and even tights. Look no further for top quality socks, their socks are entirely made in France and are guaranted quality products. And as nothing is too beautiful for your legs, Archiduchesse enlarges its collection in summer with a range of Espadrilles, which are also 100 % made in France!

French producers

The creative brand "Berthe aux Grands Pieds" is founded on and remains committed to creative originality, quality and comfort. Since 2003, Berthe has collaborated with Perrin Manufacturing SA founded by Francis Perrin in 1924 in Montceau-les-Mines in the Saône-et-Loire. Throughout all of Berthe's projects, PERRIN Manufacturing S.A has been a key partner in product innovation, manufacture and the distribution of their collections. Their partner PERRIN Manufacturing S.A is a family-run company managed and developed by its 4th generation of founders, Mr. Franck Couturier and Mrs. Martine Couturier. PERRIN S.A is a living heritage company awarded the prestigious EPV by the French government.

French robe

Bleuforêt manufactures socks, collants, leggings femme et des men's socks at the heart of the Vosges, France for nearly 20 years. A French manufacturing from high quality textile materials: chaussettes soie, chaussettes laine Mérinos, cashmere socks or mercerised cotton socks. Elements that have always been part of the DNA of Bleuforêt. If you are looking for chaussettes chaudes to face winter or chaussettes raffinées to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe, look no further Bleuforêt developed these socks for you! The Bleuforêt brand was launched and its name conjured up the blue summit of the Vosges montains. Everything they do is 100% made in France!

Paris fashion

Designer for women's shoes. Since 1940, Azurée offers French shoes made by hand in workshops of the French Riviera. Discover the French elegance Made in Cannes. André Chassigneux, visionary entrepreneur, created the brand in the middle of the war and was provided with materials by the American army to meet demand. Since, the history of the company merges with that of the Côte d’Azur which has become the meeting point of international glamour. The third generation, present since the millennium, carries the values on with the success that it has inherited over time.

French shoes

Go on a craft trip and meet exceptional shoe-makers who offer you a unique and customizable women's shoe. To realize their shoes, it is several dozens of operations the cutting, the assembly or the pichonnage all realized by the expert hands of their craftsmen. Behind each shoe there is a craftsman that they want to present directly to their community of loyal customers who discover new workshops and know-how as the seasons go by! A thoughtful and environmentally responsible production. They are very proud to integrate their workshop to bring forth a true French artisanal product.

French dance

Since its creation in 1998, Magic Feet is the only French manufacturer ballroom dance shoes, stage and sports dances. The notions of French design and craftsmanship as well as our knowledge in the field of dance shoes are guarantees of quality of their products, whose main characteristics are flexibility, comfort and lightness while giving you the opportunity to customize each model. By a wide variety of colors, materials and heel heights to suit your tastes and desires. The purchase of their shoes is done directly within their factory or by correspondence present in the different regions of France to facilitate your purchases.

French confection

Made in Romans is a brand of shoes made in 100% in our workshop of Romans. All their shoes are made in the respect of the Roman tradition with quality local raw materials. For example, the leathers used are tanned in region, from calves exclusively bred in France; they are the pride of their collections and give their models incomparable flexibility and comfort. Finally, all their models are deliberately classic and timeless to allow everyone to wear them according to fashions!

French footwear

Their sheepskin slippers are made entirely by hand in their workshop in Normandy near Evreux. The exceptional comfort of their slippers, is due to a rigorous selection of skins of sheep or lamb, all of French origin, and a careful follow-up during all the stages of their manufacture. Thanks to its thermostatic properties, it does not transpire in the sheepskin, it retains the natural heat of the body while being very airy. Warmth, comfort and friends friend Made in France, welcome!

French socks

Achile, the trendy socks made in France. Achile socks are designed and produced with love in France, exactly in Moliens (Oise). Behind Achile there’s Julien, Olivier, Marie-Hélène, Fabienne and so many others who give life to this Brand and to these socks , with passion and expertise. As reference in the field of fancy socks, they offer you more than five hundred items with different designs, for children and adults. Their team makes a point of honor to think the original French socks.

French manufacturers

They’ve selected a double thread, 100 % Egyptian cotton, perfectly round and smooth, thanks to its high quality raw material, spinned with a special technique, that allows the elimination of all short fibres in the material. That prevents the pilling of the cotton once knitted, making it smooth, soft, matt and strong. Thanks to the know how of a French manufacturer, they’ve created a high quality sock, really thin, with a stitchless strenghtened toe. Since 2012, Béatrice de Crécy tells stories with the Bonne Maison socks. Every season, three stories made of 12 models where colours answer to patterns.

France original

Created in 1924 by Salomon Lipovski, LA BONneterie ALsacienne (which will become LABONAL a few years later) was born in Dambach La Ville in Alsace. From the beginning, the idea is to design socks "that do not fall, well cut, that do not hurt and wear slowly. They manufacture proudly, since 1924, and only in France, very high quality socks. The conservation of know-how, original drawings and high quality materials allow them to produce socks that will be loved every day. Socks Made in France representing Alsace in an original and humorous way, ideal to show your affection for the region.

French boots

A rubber master since 1853, Aigle crafts their boots by hand in France. Thanks to an experience made of tradition and technology, Aigle holds every day its promise of protection and comfort. Today, at the Châtellerault factory in France, 200 craftsmen hand-make 4000 pairs of Aigle boots every day. Discover their range of boots handmade in France. Aigle makes the majority of their boots in hand in France and perpetual a unique know-how of protection of the man in nature. Strong of this legacy, the boots, shoes and Aigle clothing combine authenticity, style and function.